Opened in 2014 Pallant Health Services is part of Pallant Psychological Services.

Tel: 01509 856799
Email: dr.pallant@pallantpsychologicalservices.co.uk


About Us

My name is Dr Sharon Pallant and I work as a Consultant Clinical Psychologist specialising in the area of adult mental health.
I offer a range of psychological services to both individuals and organisations worldwide.
I worked for the NHS from 1990 until 2011, and I have been developing my private practice, namely Pallant Psychological Services Limited, since 2000.
On leaving the NHS in October 2011, my private practice has operated on a full-time basis, with me relocating to Pallant Health Services in September 2014.
Pallant Health Services has a number of comfortable therapy rooms to rent suitable for a range of Practitioners.
For further information on the services Dr Pallant offers, to make an appointment or to enquire about renting a room, then do not hesitate in telephoning Mark Hunter (Office Manager) on 01509 856799.

Pallant Psychological Services

Join Our Practice

We have rooms available to hire for treatment/therapy.

Please contact Mark, the Office Manager, for further details.

☎ 01509 856799
@ mark@pallantpsychologicalservices.co.uk

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